News · 3 April, 2019

Sicilian premiere with podium: Isaac Cantón, first king of the mountain

Giro di Sicilia Stage 1: Catania-Milazzo (165 km) The Colle San Rizzo´s summit is at an altitude of 446 metres and in its surrounding landscapes the inhabitants of Messina, the great city at its feet, find a space for recreation in nature. A green lung full of possibilities for multiple outdoor activities. And in its…

News · 31 March, 2019

In Sicily, a historic renaissance and a step forward for an entire project

Tour of Sicily From 3 to 6 April With an ambitious agreement between the Regional Government and the company organising the Giro d’Italia, the Giro d’Italia is back after four decades of lethargy. The Kometa Cycling Team, invited by the promoters of this project to be one of the eighteen formations that will take part…

News · 25 March, 2019

Michele Gazzoli finishes his recovery with the Italian national team in the Coppi and Bartali

After passing through the operating room at the beginning of the month to treat a small fracture in his left clavicle that took place during the Tour of Antalya, operated by the prestigious doctor Flavio Terragnoli, the Italian Michele Gazzoli finishes his return to competition. In the last few days he has begun to ride…

News · 17 March, 2019

Stefano Oldani finishes fifth overall in the final Istrian Spring Trophy

XVI Istrian Spring Trophy Stage 4: Pazin-Umag (156 km) The Croatian journey of the Kometa Cycling Team ended this Sunday with the fourth and final stage of an Istrian Spring Trophy in which Stefano Oldani was involved in the sprint, signing an eighth final position, and finished in fifth place in the final standings. “It…

News · 16 March, 2019

The Kometa Cycling Team caresses the win: Stefano Oldani’s second place in Oprtalj

XVI Istrian Spring Trophy Stage 3: Vsar-Oprtalj (161 km) “We’ve been close to victory and I’m sure working like this the first one will come soon.” The manchego Isaac Canton speaks and his words condense the spirit of this Saturday for the Kometa Cycling Team. The Madrid team was again in the ointment through Stefano…

News · 15 March, 2019

A memorable collective work of the Kometa Cycling Team on the road to the cobblestone Labin finish line

XVI Istrian Spring Trophy Stage 2: Dijamant-Labin Hotel (161 km) The first day in line of the Istrian Spring Trophy provided the fourth top ten of the season for Italian Stefano Oldani. The Lombard finished seventh at the uphill finish at Labin, behind a steep cobbled steep slope with double-digit ramps, six seconds behind Hungarian…

News · 14 March, 2019

A ‘full gas’ time trial on the Istrian peninsula that leaves Oldani, Sevilla and Puppio in good position

XVI Istrian Spring Trophy Stage 1: Umag-Umag (2 km ITT) A frenetic two-kilometre race against the clock, a cycle path along the Umag promenade and a return trip along the iconic Šetalište Vladimira Gortana Avenue, welcomed the kick-off of a new edition of the Croatian Istrian Spring Trophy on Thursday. In a individual time trial…

News · 9 March, 2019

A ‘high level’ break stops the aspirations to dispute the volley with Oldani in Poreč

Troféj Poreč / Poreč Trophy Poreč-Tar (156 km) Seventh place for Italian Stefano Oldani, eighth in the top ten for the Kometa Cycling Team so far this season, in an edition of the Poreč Trophy in which the breakaway triumphed. The Italian of the Madrid continental team finished third in the sprint of the pack,…

News · 6 March, 2019

At Umag many nerves, search for escape and the seventh top ten of the season

VII Trofej Umag / VII Umag Trophy Umag-Umag (161 km) Antonio Puppio, 19, finished in an outstanding eighth position this Wednesday in the Umag Trophy of cycling, the first of three races that the Kometa Cycling Team will compete in Croatian lands in the next few days. Puppio, junior time trial silver at the worlds…

News · 3 March, 2019

A Croatian triptych to resume competition and continue fighting for victory

The Kometa Cycling Team resumes the competition with a twelve-day tour of Croatia in which it will compete in three cycling events of the Europe UCI Tour held on the Istrian peninsula. Three events, two one-day races and a third stage, in which the continental formation of the Fundación Alberto Contador will debut and to…

News · 27 February, 2019

Michele Gazzoli, with a fractured left clavicle

Bad news for Michele Gazzoli. The young transalpine rider of the Kometa Cycling Team assesses his passing through the operating room as a result of a fracture in his left collarbone that occurred after a fall on the finishing straight of the second stage of the Tour of Antalya. Gazzo underwent new medical tests on…

News · 24 February, 2019

Stefano Oldani finishes fifth in the last stage of a Tour of Antalya

2nd Tour of Antalya Stage 4: Side – Antalya (158 km) This Sunday the second edition of the Tour of Antalya ended with a new stage resolved to sprint and another great performance of the riders of the Kometa Cycling Team, very active throughout the race and that on this final day, despite the loss…

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